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Always Part Of A Team! - Parsha's Terumah!

This past week, I was playing soccer. When playing soccer, one has to realize that every person has to contribute in order to have a good game. For example, if certain people decide they are too lazy to do their job, then the team will lose. My point is that when playing a sport like soccer, each and every person has to do their part for the team in order to reach the common goal.

In this week's parsha, Parshas Terumah, we learn about the contribution towards the Mishkan. As it says in the posuk, each person should contribute a certain amount towards the cause. As mentioned above, each person does their part in order to find a common goal.

In order to complete any goal, we all have to work together. Every day we see regular people struggling. By helping the person, we end up not just doing our own part, but also we’re teaching that person how to improve the world on his own. Every day is a new day, so if we take just one day to unite, especially in the month of Adar, we would improve the world tremendously. Join me as I take a day to devote to the practice of achdus and hopefully we can come together like a team, not just spiritually but also physically, with the coming of the final redemption. Moshiach Now!

Good Shabbos

All The Best

Avroham Y Ross

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